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Psychic centers, wheels serving as transformers,
receiving centers for incoming energy and forces.

The First Chakra deals with the gland of impar as a center, and is located
at the tip of the spine. The gland controls the complete relaxation center
for the entire body. Some of the other duties of the zone are the excretory
functions, and all of the organs in the floor of the pelvis. This
includes the reproductive process. Problems here can cause hemorrhoids,
(paragitis) extreme pain at the end of the spine, superficial infections,
rashes and sexual dysfunction. This zone also encompasses the hips,
and the lower three branches of the great sciatic nerve. It causes
problems in the legs and can lead to curvature of the spine.

The First Ray is the "Physical" ray and is red. It is the vitality or energy
center. It is a reproductive and creative force field. This ray also promotes
heat and body temperature, as well as an "up" feeling when a person is
"exhausted", this ray needs attention. People who have a low period - both
physical and mental - need the First Chakra stimulated. For a good dietary
program, one should consume the fruits and vegetables which are red and have
a lot of iron. These include cranberries, beets, radishes, plums, apples,
spinach, greens, etc. Don't forget the red juices such as apple, tomato,
cherry, cranberry, etc. However, if you find a person " very worked up" he
doesn't need fiery red colors or high energy food, it over-stimulates.
By the same token, if you have someone depressed, this regimen's excellent.

The Second Chakra is located over the fifth lumbar vertebra.
It is centered in the intestines. It controls the lymphatics in the lower
part of the body some of the muscle coordination, and circulation.
This zone controls the non-voluntary muscles which cause peristalsis in
the digestive tract. Trouble here causes constipation, colitis, dysentery,
digestive problems and craps in the abdomen. It also causes acidosis.
Many types of kidney problems, menstruation irregularity, and bed-wetting,
along with miscarriages and impotency occurs here. This zone also involves
the lumbar-sacral and sacroiliac articulations, sometimes known as lumbago.
Poor circulation and phlebitis are associated with this area because it
has control of the blood vessels.

The Second Ray is the ray of "Higher Knowledge." It is the splenic
center and is orange in color. This ray promotes the process of digestion
and a simulation through circulatory bodily functions. Orange is a warm
color and helps free the mind of restrictive thinking. It puts a glow deep
in side one, which can promote a feeling of well-being. The diet should
include all the orange fruits and vegetables - oranges, tangerines, peaches,
cantaloupes, carrots, apricots, winter squash, pumpkin, and all the juices.
Think of that big orange moon in the sky and you realize the power of this ray.

The Third Chakra is over the 12 thoracic vertebra. It is for cleansing the
entire body system. This includes all detoxification of the blood from
nutrition intake. Posture has a great deal to do with the function of
this area. Posture is the key to your health, because it aligns the powers
of the body to react on each other, creating harmony and balance. Balance is
the key between cellular fluids and is maintained throughout the body. It is
what life is based upon. The kidneys filter the blood and pull out most of
the impurities. This zone controls portions of the liver and the solar-plexus
and the adrenal glands, just to name a few. Psychological stress can affect
the solar plexus and the adrenal glands, just to name a few. Psychological
stress can affect the solar plexus, which upsets the nervous systems, causing
an imbalance in the system and can affect the entire body. This creates an
imbalanced vibration field. Many people in the esoteric field find the
Third Chakra needs more attention than most, due to this effect.

The Third Ray is the "Wisdom" or "Lower Mental" ray, and the color is yellow.
This ray is involved in the nervous systems and emanates through the liver and
intestines. It is a purifier. The skin is very sensitive and receptive to change.
The dietary program here includes the yellow-skinned fruits and vegetables and
their juices. These include lemons, lemonade, bananas, squash, grapefruit,
pineapple, pineapple juice, sweet corn, yellow apples, etc. These foods
stimulate the logical mind process and reasoning powers. Folks who need
mental stimulation should keep these colors a round them and consume some
yellow food. This therapy is great for depression.

The Fourth Chakra is at the third dorsal. This is the heart area and
is very important. It controls the heart and lungs. It does a tremendous
amount of the circulatory work, including the aortae. This is the largest
vessel and it takes blood from the heart through the entire body. Because of
the daily routine in our sluggish society, it promotes this type of problem
in the heart. The lungs, shoulders, tingling of the arms and hands, make up
just a few of the symptoms that will manifest themselves through this Chakra.

The Forth Ray is the "Harmonizing" or "Heart" ray and is green. It carries
a peaceful gentle vibration. It is the half-way point between man's lower
vibrations and his spiritual development. It has somewhat of a blood
pressure connotation because of the conflict between the two worlds. Problems
with the heart could be psychological as "you broke my heart" or, "I can't face it."
Keep green around for harmony. The dietary program includes all the green fruits
and vegetables. Green beans, peas, celery, greens - endive, lettuce and cabbage -
are some. Limes, limeade, green apples, avocados, green pears and green grapes
are some of the fruits . This ray color is a calming one on angry people.
Gentle the green earth, so too will one respond thusly.

The Fifth Chakra is the sixth cervical vertebra. This is the posture
of the neck. Some of the areas that it supplies are the neck, esophagus, mouth,
portions of the lower jaw, shoulders, tonsils, and the neck lymph glands. It has
a few fibers that go to the heart and carotid arteries. This zone, if misaligned,
may cause severe emotional disorders. Many fears and insecurities can be corrected
with proper body alignment and diet.

The Fifth Ray is the "Healing" ray and is blue. This throat Chakra is the
one that slows things up for the healing process. I find many "upset" people complain
of a "lump in the throat". These people need the calming color of blue and a
correct dietary regime. We go to the blue fruits and juices - blueberries,
blackberries, plums, damson s, and blue grapes. If the person is depressed,
splashes of red and yellow can be combined with the blue for stimulation.
But for a very "up" person, blue is the best color to have around.

The Sixth Chakra is the first cervical vertebra. This is an extremely
important vertebra. It controls the entire body. It has the power to cause problems
in the automatic sensations of the body. This includes breathing, heartbeat,
persistalis, the entire spinal cord, and all it's functions. The first major
cervical nerve comes out below the second cervical vertebra. This is a very important
vertebra. If this vertebra is suffers problems, it can cause problems anywhere in the body.

The Sixth Ray is dark blue, indigo with maroon overtones. This is the
"Third Eye" center. All the psychic currents are cleansed and charged here.
This ray responds to a clam, quiet meditative pose. It opens the channels of
the mind. For the dietary program, include all the blue and purple fruits
and juices. Grape juice is great for fasting along with cranberry.
The psychic centers sharpen after a cleansing fast.

The Seventh Chakra is the major zone of the center. Stimulates
production of the pituitary gland and balances cranial pressure. It is the
entry-way for the intuitive connection. We all have this ability which is
just as important for the enhancement of total health.

The Seventh Ray is the "Tiara" white ray. All higher mind forces are here.
This is the "Walla" ray. It helps all people, especially those who already
have highly attuned systems. Nervous or excitable people need the colors
purple and deep blues around them. The dietary program includes all purple
fruits, juices and vegetables. Blackberries, purple cabbage, eggplant,
purple grapes, beets, purple broccoli. I find that bath water charged
with blue bath salts is very relaxing and is excellent for a "come down"
from a high vibe trip. Again, this color will put a "down" person into a
deeper state. Be aware of the moods of your loved ones and act accordingly.

(Reprinted from "The International Directory of Astrologers & Psychics," 1980-81, Dr. Morgan)


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